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Cable clip

TJL08Series articulated type cable hook is the patent product of our company,The series of products can be according to the erection of cable to the root of the flexible use,To erect、To remove、Increased、Replacing the cable can achieve to save time、The province、And effort。Is the mine set up cable is ideal when set up the attachment。

Column shoes column cap

XFDType of monomer pillar column shoes、Column in polymer materials such as cast nylon as the main raw material,Adding flame retardant、Antistatic agent and other auxiliary materials,After the polymerization,With compressive strength、High bending strength、Flame retardant、Antistatic、Corrosion resistance、Light weight、Simple installation、Easy to recycle、Repeated utilization ratio is high、Comprehensive cost is low、The use of safe and reliable, etc,Is the coal mine using individual hydraulic prop supporting prevent pillar drill base and improve the quality of the supporting device of excellence,To reduce workers' labor intensity greatly、Improve the reusability of the recycling,Is to replace metal column shoes and wooden column the inevitable trend and the ideal product。


PE-RTThe heat-resistant polyethylene is a can be used for hot water pipe of crosslinked polyethylene,Others highlight the characteristics of the non crosslinked,Call it"Resistance to high temperature of crosslinking polyethylene"。It is a kind of the use of special molecular design and synthesis process of a kind of medium density polyethylene,It adopts the method of ethylene octene copolymer and,By controlling the number of side chain and distribution to get the unique molecular structure,To improvePEThe heat resistance。As a result of the existence of short branched chain octenePEMacromolecules cannot crystallization in a crystal plate,But throughout several crystal,Form the coupling between the crystal,It preservesPEGood flexibility,High heat conductivity and inertia,At the same time make the pressure resistance of better,The modification methods and common on the market at presentPPRSimilar

About us

Shandong tai chi dragon plastic technology co., LTD., founded in2009,The company registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Owns standard workshop1.5Square,Senior engineer2Name,More than engineers。2010In zaozhuang Evaluation for the ten key downtown district government investment enterprises,2014In Qingdao university of science and technology was established

To stick

Polyurethane rollers with high strength,Compressive strength,Wear-resisting,Oil resistant,Corrosion resistance,Hardness range,With strong metal binding not degum, etc,Has been used in many domestic coal mine,Using the effect the user consistent high praise。

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